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No Wrong Answers, the Testif-i blog, gives voice to thought-provoking ideas and opinions about issues that affect formerly incarcerated women and their communities. Please join the conversation in the comment section for each blog post.

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London Croudy
The story of women’s prison growth has been obscured by overly broad discussions of the “total” prison population for too long.
Nicole Bennett
Nicole Bennett was made to give birth while shackled to her hospital bed and had her baby immediately taken from her. Even now, years later, the experience continues to have an impact for both Nicole ...
Alisha Murdock
When Alisha Murdock's mother was arrested when Alisha was in 6th grade, the system utterly failed her and she was left on her own to bounce from friend's house to shelter to motel until she was 21.
Myesha Johnson
"In America’s age of mass incarceration, millions of children are suffering the consequences of their parents’ sentences. Incarceration not only breaks up families but also the building blocks of ...
Heidi De Leon
For far too many women, including Heidi De Leon, the trauma-to-prison pipeline is real —and devastating. But Heidi shares her story to prove that your past doesn't have to define your future.
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