Stories. Windows.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to open windows into the lived experiences of marginalized people whose voices often go unheard. Through Testif-i, formerly incarcerated women and their children share their truth, trauma and triumph, helping to heal their own pain while sparking awareness at the same time.


The Testif-i Resource Center provides information and links to organizations, programs and research that support and empower formerly incarcerated women.

Restore Your Rights

In California, formerly incarcerated citizens can regain their voting rights under Prop 47. Certain nonviolent felonies can also be reclassified as misdemeanors. Don’t miss your chance to be heard on decisions that shape your community.

Learn More and Get Involved

Family Reunification

Learn more about the foster care system and find resources to help with the process of reunifying with your family.

Barriers to Reentry

The collateral consequences to having a criminal record inhibit the ability of formerly incarcerated people to fully reenter society.

Excessive Bail

Excessive bail can mean months, or even years, of jail time before the trial ever begins. Learn what California is doing to change this system.

Plea Bargains

Plea bargains may sound like a good deal, but are often detrimental to defendants, coercing innocent people to plead guilty.