Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story

Your testimonials and insights can help shed light on the unique needs of formerly incarcerated women. In our conversations about mass incarceration, women are often forgotten, even though they are adversely affected in ways that are different from men. Your perspective is important. Your voice should be heard.

This year we want to spotlight the struggles many formerly incarcerated women face when they are separated from their families and the taxing journey to reunite with their children. We also want to speak to women who have served long prison sentences, totaling 20 years or more. Our criminal justice system is broken and its punitive measures puts many women behind bars who are in need of rehabilitation, not punishment.

We invite you to share your story. Spark awareness. Inspire change. This is your space; claim it!

Please fill out the form below to have your story considered for inclusion on our website. (This is NOT an application for housing. If you need help, please call A New Way of Life Reentry Project at 323-563-3575.)

This information will remain confidential, used only to contact you about your story. You must be at least 18 years old to participate. (Please read our consent policy below.)