Excessive Bail

For many people who’ve been arrested and charged with a crime, a large bail can be an insurmountable obstacle to going home and can mean spending months or even years in jail awaiting trial. The good news is that there are many organizations across the US involved in the fight for bail reform.

Excessive Bail Stories

The Kenneth Humphrey case is important because it was the first case that we know of that requires judges to consider a person’s ability to pay before setting money bail. Because of this case, all California courts must consider, to a certain extent, a person’s ability to pay.

Million Dollar Hoods’ research follows the money of mass incarceration, with a focus on the Los Angeles area.

Detaining Innocent People Because of Money Isn’t Justice, It’s Criminal (LA Progressive)

Organizations in the fight for bail reform:

All of Us or None (AOUON) is a national organizing effort to strengthen the voices of formerly incarcerated people. Find a national chapter and get involved by filling out this form.

Things you can do:

Connect with organizations that work to bail people out, including:

  • National Bail Out Collective, a community-based movement to end pretrial detention and mass incarceration
  • The Bail Project, which combats mass incarceration at the front end by paying bail for tens of thousands of low-income Americans at risk of pretrial detention
  • Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, which pays bail for New Yorkers who can’t afford even modest amounts
  • Appolition lets you automatically donate your spare change from your purchases to various community bail funds